The Proceeding of Accuracy 2010 is Online

10/14/2011 20:32
12/01/2011 06:32


Proceedings of the Ninth International Symposium on Spatial Accuracy Assessment in Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences

Edited by: Nicholas J Tate, Peter F Fisher

Local Organising Committee

  • Nicholas Tate (University of Leicester) Chair
  • Heiko Balzter (University of Leicester)
  • Chris Brunsdon (University of Leicester)
  • Lex Comber (University of Leicester)
  • Peter Fisher (University of Leicester) Co-chair
  • Giles Foody (University of Nottingham)
  • Claire Jarvis (University of Leicester)
  • Kevin Tansey (University of Leicester)

International Steering Committee

  • Ron McRoberts (USDA Forest Service, US) Chair
  • Mario Caetano (Portuguese Geographic Institute, PT)
  • Linda Lilburne (Landcare Research, NZ)
  • Kim Lowell (University of Melbourne, AUS)
  • Jingxiong Zhang (Wuhan University, CH)

Programme Committee

  • Peter Atkinson (University of Southampton UK) co-chair
  • Giles Foody (University of Nottingham, UK) co-chair
  • Lucy Bastin (University of Aston, UK)
  • Allan Brimicombe (University of East London, UK)
  • Mario Caetano (Portuguese Geographic Institute, PT)
  • Frank Canters (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, BE)
  • Russell Congalton (University of New Hampshire, US)
  • Ray Czaplewski (USDA Forest Service, US)
  • Stewart Fotheringham (NUI Maynooth, IE)
  • Michael Goodchild (University of California Santa Barbara, US)
  • Dan Griffiths (University Texas Dallas, US)
  • Gerard Heuvelink (Wageningen University, NL)
  • Phaedon Kyriakidis (University of California Santa Barbara, US)
  • Stamatis Kalogirou (Harokopio University of Athens, GR)
  • Richard Kelly (University of Waterloo, CAN)
  • Brian Lees (The University of New South Wales, AUS)
  • Murray Lark (Rothamsted Research, UK)
  • Linda Lilburne (Landcare Research, NZ)
  • Chris Lloyd (Queen's University of Belfast, UK)
  • Kim Lowell (University of Melbourne, AUS)
  • Jennifer McKinley (Queen's University of Belfast, UK)
  • Ron McRoberts (USDA Forest Service, US)
  • Edzer Pebesma (University of Münster, DE)
  • R. Gil Pontius (Clark University, US)
  • Andrew Skidmore (ITC, NL)
  • Amilcar Soares (Technical University of Lisbon, PT)
  • Steve Stehman (State University of New York, US)
  • Alfred Stein (ITC, NL)
  • Enki Yoo (University at Buffalo SUNY, US)
  • Linda Young (University of Florida, US)
  • Jingxiong Zhang (Wuhan University, CH)



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