The 1st Peter Burrough Medal recepient has been selected




Prof. Michael F. Goodchild was chosen by the Panel of Judges members to receive the Peter Burrough Medal and he was also invited, as a keynote speaker, to deliver The Peter Burrough Lecture.

The International Spatial Accuracy Research Association (ISARA) is accepting nominations for the 2012 Peter Burrough Medal for senior scientists. More information will become available in the not too distant future at The awarding of this medal recognizes sustained outstanding contributions by a senior scientist to the thematic area of the International Symposia on Spatial Accuracy Assessment in Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences, namely how to measure, model and manage uncertainty or error in spatial natural resources or environmental data. The awardee will be invited as a keynote speaker, to deliver The Peter Burrough Lecture, for the 10th Spatial Accuracy symposium in Florianópolis, SC, Brazil, July 10-13 at which s/he will receive the medal (see The 2012 ISARA Conference organizer, Carlos Vieira, will furnish the awardee the normal keynote speaker support for registration, travel and accommodations.

Any living person may be nominated. A nomination must take the form of a written letter (of no more than 750 words) from a scholar who is thoroughly acquainted with the nominee’s work, stating in a well-structured, well-argued and convincing manner why the nominee deserves the medal. The letter must be signed by a total of three scholars, one of whom must have attended at least one of the Spatial Accuracy symposia (preferably one of the preceding three; this individual must identify which symposium s/he attended).

At the time of his/her nomination, a nominee must agree to receive the medal in person at the Florianópolis, SC, Brazil symposium (confirmation of this commitment needs to be conveyed to the Panel of Judges), and must furnish a current curriculum vitae to the Panel of Judges. If the nominee is a member of either the Panel of Judges or the ISARA Steering Committee, then s/he must excuse him/herself from that position through the end of July, 2012 in order to accept the nomination.

Nominations should be sent in digital format before November 30, 2011, to any of the Panel of Judges members. The ISARA Steering Committee, upon the recommendation of its Panel of Judges, may choose not to award a medal at any given meeting. The decision of the ISARA Steering Committee is final. If you have questions, feel free to contact the Panel of Judges’ Chair.


The Panel of Judges: