Accuracy 2016 Conference



Accuracy 2016 Proceedings.pdf218.13 KB
A comparison of optimal map classification methods incorporating.pdf222.79 KB
A GPU-based Solution for Accelerating Spatially-Explicit Uncertainty- and.pdf356.29 KB
A hierarchical scale setting strategy for improved segmentation.pdf446.89 KB
A Hybrid approach for land cover mapping based on the combination of.pdf413.15 KB
A method for testing the similarity of spatial samples.pdf84.11 KB
Combining punctual and ordinal contour data for accurate floodplain.pdf157.51 KB
Combining spatial and thematic uncertainty and sensitivity analysis for.pdf280.53 KB
Detection of outliers in crowdsourced GPS traces.pdf242.2 KB
Evaluating performances of spectral indices for burned area mapping using.pdf299.29 KB
Exploring Accurate Spatial Downscaling using Optimization.pdf311.44 KB
Uncertainty quantification of interpolated maps derived from observations.pdf61.53 KB
Exploring the Usefulness of Land Parcel Data for Evaluating Multi-.pdf578.12 KB
Where (we think) the wild things are-comparing citizen generated and.pdf10.45 MB
Generation of Plateau-Approximated Fuzzy Zones.pdf256.74 KB
Getting the right spatial mix-optimising the size, type and location of.pdf191.62 KB
How can big data be used to reduce uncertainty in stormwater modelling.pdf328.14 KB
How far spatial accuracy governs land-use changes monitoring frequency.pdf1.3 MB
Impact of compositional and configurational data loss on downscaling accuracy.pdf130.13 KB
International Conference on Spatial Accuracy (2016).pdf381.41 KB
Irregularly Sampled Data in Space and Time.pdf1.02 MB
Is Spatial Information in ICT Data Reliable?.pdf771.92 KB
Locational Error Impacts on Local Spatial Autocorrelation Indices.pdf288.21 KB
Machine learning to deal with uncertainty in knowledge base for.pdf491.85 KB
Modeling spatial risk of the Foot-Mouth-Disease epidemic in South Korea.pdf1.68 MB
Modelling uncertainty using geostatistics, a case study in Ecuador.pdf261.47 KB
Modeling process chain of SPOT images for resources uncertainty to.pdf214.68 KB
Modelling, interpreting and visualizing uncertainties for the North Wyke.pdf990.15 KB
Monitoring spatial accuracy of oil palm cultivation mapping in southern.pdf491.96 KB
Multiway sensitivity analysis of the fusion of earth observation, topography.pdf371.16 KB
On Reliability of Remote Sensing Data and Classification Methods.pdf233.25 KB
Performing Multi-Temporal Spatial Data Analysis for Coastal Areas and.pdf336.2 KB
Sampling to validate a global cropland map.pdf996.02 KB
Sensitivity analysis of spatio-temporal models describing nitrogen transfers.pdf51.14 KB
Sensitivity of DBSCAN in identifying activity zones.pdf254.1 KB
Simulation of realistic digitizing errors on geographical objects using.pdf517.93 KB
‘spup’ – an R package for uncertainty propagation in spatial environmental modelling.pdf161.29 KB
Survey designs which maximize efficiency gains in ALS-based forestry.pdf76.4 KB
The transformed optimal transportation problem.pdf1.05 MB
The polygon overlay problem in electoral geography.pdf225.33 KB
Uncertain clustering of social specialization in metropolitan areas.pdf498.05 KB
Uncertainty propagation in urban hydrology water quality modelling.pdf209.88 KB
Urban objects recognition feasibilities by airborne hyperspectral and.pdf1.42 MB
Exploring the uncertainty of soil water holding capacity information.pdf572.38 KB