Non Parametric Confidence Bands for β-Diversity Profiles

Tonio Di Battista and Stefano A. Gattone
Department of Quantitative Methods and Economic Theory
University ”G. d’Annunzio” of Chieti
Viale Pindaro, 42 I-65127 Pescara, Italy

The aim of this paper is to construct simultaneous confidence bands for the β- diversity profiles that are a parametric family of indexes of diversity for a biological population. In this framework drawbacks arise when simultaneous inference has to be performed. Moreover, biologists rarely have at hand large sample sizes so that the derivation of asymptotic sampling distribution may be unpractical. We try to overcome these problems by building simultaneous confidence bands adopting a non-parametric bootstrap procedure.

Keywords: Biological population, Bootstrap, Diversity profile, Simultaneous con- fidence region.

In: McRoberts, R. et al. (eds).  Proceedings of the joint meeting of The 6th International Symposium On Spatial Accuracy Assessment In Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences and The 15th Annual Conference of The International Environmetrics Society, June 28 – July 1 2004, Portland, Maine, USA.

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