A Dynamic Web-based Data Model for Representing Geographic Points with Uncertain Locations

Evan Bowling1, Ashton Shortridge2
1. Department of Computer Science and Engineering Michigan State University East Lansing, MI, USA
2. Department of Geography Michigan State University East Lansing, MI, USA

1. bowlinlO@msu.edu; 2. ashton@msu.edu

Abstract: This paper considers the problem of implementing positional error models for point data within the context of internet mapping. We identify three particular challenges: existing internet spatial data model standards, which were not designed for stochastic representation; the means by which the parameters and algorithms for a positional uncertainty model might be transmitted with the spatial data; and the nature, timing, and efficiency of simulation algorithms. We develop and implement several solutions of increasing complexity. These solutions implement on-the-fly point position modification through independent and spatially autocorrelated error model realizations on the client- and server-side. We discuss the limitations of both client-side and server-side solutions and the implications for current web mapping applications.

Keywords: positional uncertainty; internet mapping; error propagation

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