Let's Endeavor to Build a Better ISARA Community


Dear professionals,


  • We welcome you to register or login as a user of ISARA website to post your comments and take a more active role.

  • Recommendations that help to improve our website, to make possible changes, to further advertise ISARA and so on will be warmly welcomed and greatly appreciated.

  • If you are willing to share any materials related to the research areas covered by ISARA or information on ISARA symposia, please contact the admin.

  • Moreover, the admin would like, if possible and in accordance with the spirit of ISARA, to further design and publish a set of personal homepages on behalf of spatial accuracy researchers. The homepages (an original personal academic homepage is also welcomed) would be linked to a special category on the ISARA website. Professionals who are willing to have some information on themselves and their spatial accuracy work on the ISARA website may send their information to the admin.


Contact Admin: joviayoyo@gmail.com; nayao@foxmail.com.