Vacancy for a PhD student at VITO

11/30/2010 23:00
Job description: 

The candidate would work on "Development of an error budget model for preprocessing of multi- and hyperspectral imaging sensors".


Master/Engineer with solid background in geo-information/statistics with programming experience and interest in Earth Observation.

Job duration: 
Financing of the doctorate is limited to a consecutive period of 48 months

Promotor: Prof. Dr. Stein Alfred
Universiteit Twente, Departement ICT

Co-promotor: Heuvelink Gerard
Universiteit: Wageningen Universiteit, WU Environmental Sciences

Co-promotor: Dr. Ils Reusen,

Vito supports candidates who wish to carry out four years of research under the supervision of the university of Twente and co-supervision of Wageningen university and Vito, which will lead to obtaining a doctorate and is linked with Vito-research. See also the complete doctorate regulations.

VITO (Remote Sensing and Earth Observation Processes)
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