Building Semantic Ontology Databases Based on Remote Sensing Images

Zhenfeng Shao 1, Jun Liu 2 and Xianqiang Zhu 1
1 State Key Laboratory for Information Engineering in Surveying, Mapping and Remote Sensing, Wuhan University, 129 Luoyu Road, Wuhan 430079, China
2 School of Remote Sensing and Information Engineering, Wuhan University, Wuhan 430079, China

Abstract:  This paper puts forward a novel method of automatically generating elements which is necessary for building sharing ontology database and studies the uncertainty problems. A concept called sharing ontology is proposed which is defined as a  bridge of all kinds of spatial information systems involving domain spatial data acquiring, updating, transferring, storing, processing, analyzing, information extracting, knowledge discovering and Geo-services. By establishing the spatial information sharing ontology database, we can provide for the users an  integrated spatial information service and application platform based on the semanteme, and then link all spatial information service platforms on internet at the semantic level, so as to provide a feasible way of semantic-based spatial information sharing and interoperability. Through data mining based on the remote sensing images and GIS database, we can build the sharing ontology database automatically, which achieves semantic sharing of  isomerous spatial information. Some innovative ideas of the research work are as follows:(1) Putting the uncertainty problem about features extracted form remote sensing images up to a height of information theory and exploring the consolidate mathematics expression between information quantity and uncertainty about features mined from remote sensing images.(2) Building the sharing ontology database by combining remote sensing and GIS spatial data, and establishing the  feasibility in practice for the construction of the sharing ontology database.(3) Establishing the stability foundation for the precise semantic sharing between isomerous spatial information systems.

Keywords:  sharing ontology database, domain ontology, semantic-based spatial information sharing and interoperability, uncertainty

In: Wan, Y. et al. (eds) Proceeding of the 8th international symposium on spatial accuracy assessment in natural resources and environmental sciences, World Academic Union (Press).

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