Visual Analysis of Sensitivity in CAT Models: Interactive Visualisation for CAT Model Sensitivity Analysis

Aidan Slingsby1, Jo Wood1, Jason Dykes1, David Clouston2 and Matthew Foote2
1. giCentre, Department of Information Science City University London London, UK
2. Willis Analytics, Willis London, UK
1. {sbbb717, jwo, jad7}; 2. {cloustond,footem}

Abstract: We demonstrate how visual interactive graphics can support both spatial and aspatial model sensitivity analysis, using a Venezuela-based earthquake CAT model as a case study. We identify the model inputs that drive the model's estimated losses using interactive maps, treemaps to give overviews and linked barcharts, spineplots and maps to explore the effects of specific input combinations on the estimated loss outputs. Interactively linking these methods allow them to be integrated into the workflows of analysts.

Keywords: interactive visualizisation, sensitivity, spatial, multivariate, treemaps

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