Mining Subsidence Monitoring by Using the Information of Ground Sunk Seeper

Rui Liu 1 +, Fang Miao 2 and Baocun Wang 1
2 Chengdu University of Technology, Chengdu 610059, China

Abstract. First on the basis of comprehensive analysis of the cause of ground sunk seeper and its relation with coal collapsing, this paper proposes  the feasibility of monitoring surface collapsing by the use of information of ground sunk seeper caused by coal mining collapse; then take the Kailuan Coal Field as an example, by means of the ground  sunk seeper information extracted  from 6 temporal RS image, the relation between Kailuan coal field collapsing and ground sunk seeper are analyzed. The trend of the coal ground collapsing can be reflected more clearly by using the information of ground sunk seeper.

Keywords: ground sunk seeper, mining subsidence, dynamic detection, remote sensing

In: Wan, Y. et al. (eds) Proceeding of the 8th international symposium on spatial accuracy assessment in natural resources and environmental sciences, World Academic Union (Press).

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