Error characterization of burned area products

Error characterization of burned area products

M. Padilla, I. Alonso-Canas and E. Chuvieco

Departamento de Geografía, Universidad de Alcalá. C/ Colegios, 2. 28801 Alcalá de Henares (Spain) (,,

Abstract:This study presents a method to assess (1) the influence of intra-pixel burned area fragmentation and extent on the final global product binary prediction and (2) the relationship between error types (i.e. commission or omission errors) and land cover types. As an example of this methodology, we used the MERIS burned area product developed within the framework of the ESA fire CCI project. Reference data is generated from Landsat imagery for three study sites (Portugal, Brazil, and Australia), covering the 2005 fire season. Exploratory analysis of this study shows that burned are proportion affects the product estimates. Contingency table analysis shows that land cover affects significantly errors in two of the three study sites. Results indicate that, for at least some regions, error regimes may vary depending on land cover type.

 Keywords: Burned Area, Validation, Error Characterization, Reference Data, Land Cover.

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