Geostatistical Tools for National-scale Soil Monitoring

Ben P. Marchant1, R. Murray Lark1, Nicolas P.A. Saby2, Claudy C. Jolivet2 and Dominique Arrouays2
1.Rothamsted Research, Harpenden, UK
2.Infosol, INRA, Orléans, France

Abstract: National-scale soil datasets exhibit variation over widely disparate spatial scales. This includes variation because of localised anomalous processes such as point source pollution or geological anomalies which lead to outliers within the dataset. Conventional geostatistical methods are not suited to the analysis of datasets which include outliers. We demonstrate that robust geostatistical methods can be used to predict the underlying variation of a soil property in the presence of outliers whereas copula-based models are appropriate if the outliers are to be included in the predictions. Keywords: Soil monitoring, robust geostatistics, copulas

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