Error Propagation in the Fusion of Multi-source and Multi-scale Spatial Information

Yee Leung1, Jiang-Hong Ma2, Tung Fung1
1.Department of Geography and Resource Management The Chinese University of Hong Kong Shatin, Hong Kong;
2. Department of Mathematics and Information Science Chang'an University Xi'an, China;

1.{yeeleung; tungtung};2.

Abstract: This paper proposes an optimization model for error propagation in the fusion of multi-source and multi-scale spatial information commonly encountered in the analysis of heterogeneous spatial data. The proposed method is mathematically simple and practical, and can remarkably improve the error variance of the fused data. Different cases of multi-source and multi-scale measurements are explored and the theoretical analysis of the method is established. The simulation study supports the theoretical arguments. The model paves the path for further analysis of uncertainty in the fusion of multi-source and multi-scale data.

Keywords: information fusion, multi-source, multi-scale, error propagation


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