Satellite Precipitation Assessments for Flash Flood Events in Turkey

Fatih Keskin1, İsmail Yücel2, Robert J. Kuligowski3
1. State Hydraulic Works, Center for Satellite, Ankara, Turkey
2. Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey
3. NOAA/NESDIS, Applications and Camp Springs, USA 1.;2.;

Abstract: This study investigates the performance of the NOAA/NESDIS operational precipitation estimation algorithm, called the Hydro-Estimator (HE) in its depiction of the timing, intensity, and duration of flash flood events occurred at several locations in the North-West of Turkey along with the period of September 7 through 11 in 2009. In this study, precipitation estimates from the HE algorithm were evaluated against point observations collected from rain gauges and radar data as becomes available.

Keywords: precipitation, interpolation, kriging, hydro- estimator, satellite, cross validation

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