Accuracy of Built-up Area Mapping in Europe at Varying Scales and Thresholds

Pavol Hurbanek1, Peter M. Atkinson1, Jeganathan Chockalingam1, Robert Pazur2, Konstantin Rosina3
1. University of Southampton Southampton, United Kingdom
2.Slovak Academy of Sciences Bratislava, Slovakia
3. Comenius University Bratislava, Slovakia

1.; 2.; 3.

Abstract: The paper provides an accuracy assessment of the Soil Sealing Layer (SSL), a map of impervious surfaces in most of Europe. It focuses on the extent of mapped built-up area and the accuracy of built-up area mapping as a function of the soil sealing threshold applied, the spatial resolution used, and the spatial configuration of built-up areas mapped. The results from the stratified random sampling comparison of SSL with aerial orthophotos derived for Slovakia are compared with those for other countries and complemented by "complete coverage" comparisons in three 6x6 km study areas in Slovakia.

Keywords: soil sealing; impervious surfaces; land cover; spatial resolution; threshold; Europe; Slovakia; population downscaling

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