ISARA biannually organizes a conference officially called "International Symposia on Spatial Accuracy Assessment in Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences", or shortly "Accuracy". The objective of the Spatial Accuracy Symposia series is to bring together experts from environmental science, spatial statistics, and geographic information science to further develop the theory and practical application of handling spatial uncertainty in the environmental sciences. The symposium has met every two years since 1994 in a variety of international locations (USA, Canada, The Netherlands and Australia) and has attracted between 80 and 150 participants. Symposia programs have included combinations of keynote speakers, invited paper sessions, contributed paper sessions and posters. All participants of the most recent official ISARA meeting will become members of ISARA and will be privileged to use the website to full potential (access to documents, members databank, posting service etc). 

Accuracy 2010 book coverAccuracy 2010 - July 20-23, 2010, Leicester, United Kingdom
Accuracy 2010 was organized and hosted by the University of Leicester. The conference proceedings can be accessed from here.

Accuracy 2008 book coverAccuracy 2008 - June 25-27, 2008, Shanghai, China
Accuracy 2008 was organized and hosted jointly by the Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wuhan University, and the Chinese Academy of Surveying and Mapping. The conference proceedings can be accessed from here. See also: official brochure; Read a report from the conference by T. Hengl.

Accuracy 2006 book coverAccuracy 2006 - July 5-7, 2006, Lisbon, Portugal
Accuracy 2006 was the 7th meeting in a series of biannual symposia organised by the International Spatial Accuracy Research Association. It covered topics related with assessment, modelling, visualisation and propagation of uncertainty in spatial data and process models, with an emphasis on themes related with the environment and natural resources. The proceedings with all papers submitted can be accessed from here. See also: official brochure; the final report;

Accuracy 2004 - June 28-July 1, 2004, Portland, Maine, USA
This Accuracy symposia was organized together with the The Fifteenth Annual Conference of The International Evironmetrics Society. The joint proceedings with all papers submitted can be accessed from here.

Accuracy 2002 - 10-12 July 2002, Melbourne, Australia
The proceedings were published by RMIT University and University of Melbourne. There were over 100 short papers and posters, from which some were peer-reviewed... over 540 pages.

Accuracy 2000 - 12-14 July 2000, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
The proceedings were published by Delft University Press (G.B.M. Heuvelink and M.J.P.MLemmens eds). Over 90 papers are included in the proceedings. Topics include: error propagation in wildfire behaviour modeling, accuracy in prediction of soil orders using different classification algorithms, neurofuzzy systems in landslide hazard assessment, an algebra for spatial data quality assurance routines... over 750 pages, ISBN: 90-407-2085-1.

Accuracy 1998 - May 1998, Quebec City, Canada
The proceedings were published by Ann Arbor Press under the title "Spatial Accuracy Assessment: Land Information Uncertainty in Natural Resources" (eds. Kim Lowell and Annick Jaton). This conference drew experts from around the world and the resulting volume truly addresses state-of-the-art techniques for spatial uncertainty science. Chapter headings include the effect of spatial uncertainty on decision-making, methods of characterising spatial uncertainty, representation and visualising spatial uncertainty, generalisation and aggregation issues, and the impact of spatial uncertainty on the analysis of satellite images... 450 pages, ISBN 1-57504-119-7.

Accuracy 1996 - 21-23 May 1996, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA
These Proceedings were in their second printing, with over 3000 copies in circulation. Selected papers from the proceedings of the second Symposium have also been published in a revised and expanded form by Ann Arbor Press under the title "Quantifying Spatial Uncertainty in Natural Resources: Theory and Applications for GIS and Remote Sensing" (eds. H. Todd Mowrer and Russel G. Congalton). 728 pages, ISBN 1-57504-131-6.

Accuracy 1994 - 16-20 May 1994, Williamsburg, Virginia, USA
International symposium on the spatial accuracy of natural resource databases.