Estimation of Digitizing and Polygonal Approximation Errors in the Computation of Length in Vector Databases

Jean-Francois Girres1 and Patrick Julien 2
1.COG IT Laboratory Institut Geographique National Saint-Mande, France
2.MATIS Laboratory Institut Geographique National Saint-Mande, France
1.; 2.

Abstract: In vector databases, errors are generally the result of different causes. In this research, we tend to identify the different components of errors, in order to estimate their impact on basic measurements (length, area). This article focuses on two sources of errors impacting length computation in linear vector databases: digitizing error and polygonal approximation. The expression of the impact of these sources of error on length computation is exposed and illustrated by experimentation on the road network of a French topographic database. Results show that the proportion of digitizing error decreases when the total length experimented increases.

Keywords: errors; length computation; vector databases; accuracy

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