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This website is built to serve the members of ISARA and guest users. To access the complete content, you first need to register. Once you visit an Accuracy meeting, you will automatically become an full member (forgot your password?). In the meanwhile, you can register as a guest user and participate in our activities by rating our posts or by adding a various new mutlimedia content. The minimum requirements to register at this website are: (1) a minimum of one publication that is connected with the ISARA activities (if you are a PhD student, then a title of your PhD research and hosting department); (2) the contact information needs to be complete and accurate. Applications that do not fulfill these requirements will be blocked and eventually deleted from the system.

How to create new content?

After you register, you can login to the website and then select the option "Create Content" then create one of the following:

  • New event - announce an event that is of interest to ISARA community;

  • Story - a report from a conference or meeting (it needs to be an ISARA related event!);

  • New vacancy - an announcement for new vacancy/position;
  • Image - a photograph or a graph that you would like to share with us (make sure you respect the copyright conditions!);

Before contacting the web-admin for support, please try to learn more about your problem by using the Drupal user guide or some similar Drupal handbook.

Join the ISARA mailing list

Do you have some information/problem that you would like to share with the whole community? Subscribe to the ISARA mailing list. The information sent to this mailing list is archived publicly.

How is the website organized?

The website consists of external and internal content (registered users). Different groups of users have different permissions. Each registered member is able to post an announcement, rate posts and participate in the discussion. The participants of the Accuracy conferences are, in addition, able to vote on important issues.

How was the website built?

The website was built using the Drupal software for Content Management. The hosting is managed by the Croatian company, which is located in Pula, Croatia. We have subscribed for the two year hosting programme called Premier 100. This website is financed from the registration fees collected at each Accuracy conference.

How to join ISARA?

Formal members (people that will be able to access internal content) of the ISARA are: (1) the researchers and specialists that attended at least one of the recent two "Accuracy" meetings and workshops (or anybody that have attended at least two Spatial Accuracy conferences anytime), (2) steering committee members and (3) registered guest members. A symbolic biannual fee (e.g. 5-10 EUR) is automatically deducted from the conference registration fees for the maintenance of the website. The only true difference between the ISARA members and self-registered users is that only ISARA members can vote on the important issues.