Geomorphometry 2009 international conference

08/29/2009 09:00
09/02/2009 17:00

Workshops 29 August & 30 August 2009
Conference 31 August - 2 September 2009


The aim of Geomorphometry 2009 is to bring together researchers to present and discuss developments in the field of quantitative modelling and analysis of elevation data. Geomorphometry is the science of quantitative land-surface analysis and description at diverse spatial scales. It draws upon mathematical, statistical and image-processing techniques and interfaces with many disciplines including hydrology, geology, computational geometry, geomorphology, remote sensing, geographic information science and geography. The conference aims to attract leading researchers in geomorphometry presenting methodological advances in the field and to provide young researchers with an opportunity to present new results.

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Extraction of land-surface parameters from DEMs
  • Implications of novel DEM data sources
  • Identification and classification of land-surface objects
  • Uncertainty in geomorphometry
  • Processing of LiDAR data
  • Semantics of land-surface description
  • 3D visualisation in geomorphometry
  • Implications of scale and resolution
  • Flow and hydrological modelling using DEMs
  • Efficient methods for application to large data sets
  • Novel applications of geomorphometry
  • Planetary geomorphometry

The Geomorphometry 2009 conference continues a series initiated by the Terrain Analysis and Digital Terrain Modelling conference hosted by Nanjing Normal University in November 2006.



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