Founder's Award

In the event that the Panel of Judges decides that a truly outstanding nominee for, but not recipient of, the Peter Burrough medal merits timely ISARA recognition, it may recommend that this scholar be given a Founder’s Award for substantial and lasting contributions to the foundations of spatial accuracy. This award, which should be made sparingly, will be a plaque acknowledging a nominee’s meritorious contributions. Multiple Founder’s Awards may be given in any cycle. A given scholar cannot receive more than one Founder’s Award. Receiving a Founder’s Award does not preclude a scholar from subsequently receiving the Peter Burrough medal. Because a recipient of a Peter Burrough medal cannot be nominated for a second medal, past medal recipients will not be eligible for a Founder’s Award. The Peter Burrough medal is the highest honor the ISARA bestows.


  • The 2016 recipients are: Giles Foody, Pierre Goovaerts, Daniel A. Griffith, Gerard Heuvelink.
  • The 2020 recipients are: Alfred Stein and John Shi.