Detecting Land Cover Change When the Cover Classes are Modelled as type 2 Fuzzy Sets

Peter Fisher
Department of Geography University of Leicester, Leicester, United Kingdom

Abstract: As an alternative to the normal Boolean set approach, fuzzy sets have been presented as a basis of analysis of landscapes when the classes in that landscape are considered to be poorly defined or vague. A fuzzy set, however, can easily be transformed by an a-cut into a number of Boolean sets, but this is addressed by the extension into type 2 fuzzy sets where the result of an a-cut operation is a new fuzzy set. Examining an area of Bolivian Savanna-Forest ecotone this paper shows how fuzzy change analysis can be applied to type 2 fuzzy sets, and then examines the rich potential of the resulting analysis.

Keywords: fuzzy sets, type 2 fuzzy sets, land cover change

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