Study of Spatial fusion of Geographical Entities and Quantitative Information in Accordance with Their Imprecision

Cyril de Runz1, Eric Desjardin1 and Herman Akdag2
1.Universite de Reims Champagne-Ardenne, Reims, France
2.University of Paris 6, Paris, France;;

Abstract: The article deals with imprecise geographical entities modelled according to the fuzzy set theory for both spatial and quantitative information. It presents the issues of fusion of fuzzy geographical objects according to its storing modes (raster, vector) in a mutualised geographical information system (GIS). We study the aggregation of imprecise spatial entities and its impact in the imprecise description of quantities associated to space. It exposes the current choices in the Observox Project managing multiple sources of information.

Keywords: fusion; fuzzy representation; imprecise geographical; entities, fuzzy spatial object storage, mutualized GIS

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