Positional and Thematic Tolerance Operators for the Intercomparable Accuracy Measures of Land Use/Land Cover Base-maps

Stephane Couturier
CentroGeo -Centre for Geography and Geomatics Research (Centra de Investigacion en Geografia y Geomatica 'Ing. Jorge L. Tamayo' A.C.), Mexico City, Mexico Stephane.

Abstract: Accuracy assessments at regional scale are generally tailored to give one measure of error (either global or per class), which may vary substantially with the uncertainty contained in the assessment process. In fact, procedures are generally incorporated in the assessment to implicitly set a degree of tolerance regarding positional and/or thematic aspects, at which the map is evaluated. This research focusses on the adoption of a standardized response design for map accuracy assessments, enabling the comparison between agreement definitions among maps, with parametrized, moveable, degrees of tolerance. To this end, a formalization based on fuzzy GIS- based tolerance operators is described, whose continuous and discrete-field parameters are able to approximate major (positional and thematic) aspects of published regional accuracy assessment designs. The operators are applied to two cartographic datasets in Mexico, facilitating the comparison with the accuracy of the international cartography.

Keywords: accuracy assessment; fuzzy map comparison; reference maplet; agreement definition

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