An Accuracy Assessment of Spaceborne X-band (TerraSAR-X) Spotlight Mode InSAR DEMs

Cutberto U. Paredes-Hernandez, Kevin J. Tansey and Nicholas J. Tate
Department of Geography, University of Leicester, Leicester, United Kingdom
{cupl, kjt7, njt9}

Abstract: In this paper we present the initial results of an accuracy assessment of Digital Elevation Models extracted from two TerraSAR-X interferometric datasets collected in Spotlight mode. Our results show that for sparsely vegetated areas of low relief TerraSAR-X Spotlight mode DEMs can achieve a vertical accuracy that can be compared to the vertical accuracy achieved using airborne X-band InSAR.

Keywords: DEM Accuracy, Incidence Angle, Multi-looking, TerraSA R-X

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