A Comparison of Text Mining and Semantic Approaches for integrating national and Local Habitat Data

Alexis Comber1, Andy Lear2, Richard Wadsworth3
1. Department of Geography University of Leicester Leicester, LEI 7RH, UK Leicester and Rutland
2. Wildlife Trust Leicester, LE5 2JJ, UK
3. Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Lancaster, LAI 4AP, UK
1. ajc36@le.ac.uk; 2. alear@lrwt.org.uk;3. rawad@ceh.ac.uk

Abstract: This paper compares two approaches for integrating data semantics: data primitives and latent semantic analysis. The former is shown to be appropriate when the user has an understanding of the domain. The latter is suitable when the user has no a priori knowledge of the domain.

Keywords: land cover, habitat, integration, semantics

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