Using Signal Propagation Models to Improve Distance Estimations for Localisation in Wireless Geosensor Networks

Alexander Born, Frank Niemeyer, Mario Schwiede and Ralf Bill
Faculty for Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Chair of Geodesy and Geoinformatics, University of Rostock, Germany

Abstract: The determination of a precise position in wirelessgeosensor networks requires the use of e.g. distancemeasurements. These distance observations derived byReceived Signal Strength (RSS) measurements are inherentlyinaccurate. Furthermore, in general, the distance observationsusing RSS do not take obstacles into account. In this paper wepresent a new approach to correct erroneous RSSmeasurements affected by obstacles. This technique iscombined with the known "Anomaly Correction inLocalization" (ACL) algorithm where sensor measurements areused to improve the determined sensor node positions and todetect and eliminate outliers.

Keywords: wireless sensor networks, geosensor, localisation,raytracing, received signal strength, precise positioning

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