Downscaling the Character of Spatial Variation

Peter M. Atkinson and Jeganathan Chockalingam
School of Geography, University of Southampton, Southampton, UK

Abstract:The study attempts to simulate the spatial and spectral patterns realised in a fine spatial resolution (5m) image using the spectral variability observed in a coarse spatial resolution (30m) image. Two different approaches were attempted: (i) inverse modelling using the punctual variogram(PUNC) and (ii) multi-resolution lookup space (MRLS). The lookup space approach yielded reliable mechanism for predicting fine spatial resolution patterns for patches or features where the loss of information was not extreme. The concept of multi-resolution lookup space downscaling proved as a powerful tool for scaling the character of spatial variation. The problem identified in this paper relates to features where the relation between scales is unusual relative to the majority of the image and could not be differentiated using some additional dimension.

Keywords: local variogram; lookup space; Euclidean distance; convolution; deconvolution.

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