Images into Radiance: Uncertainty Evaluation

Images into Radiance: Uncertainty Evaluation
Leidiane L. Andrade1, Ruy M. Castro1 Lênio S. Galvão 2

1.Instituto de Estudos Avançados - IEAv/DCTA, Caixa Postal 6044 – 12.231-970 – São José dos Campos - SP, Brasil (,
2.Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais – INPE, Caixa Postal 515 - 12227-010 - São José dos Campos - SP, Brasil (

Abstract: One goal of remote sensing in the thermal infrared region is the determination of the temperature and surface emissivity in urban areas. For the conversion of Digital Numbers (DN) into radiance values, it is important to characterize the uncertainty sources associated with the process of data acquisition itself and with other important factors such as the atmospheric correction. This study addresses this topic. Results showed that the uncertainties due to the atmospheric influence was the factor that most contributed to the final data uncertainty (3%), followed by the uncertainties associated with the radiance determination (0.5%). As a result, the final uncertainties in temperature data obtained for each pixel was 1.8 ° C, which varied with the studied urban material.

Keywords: Thermal Remote Sensing, Emissivity, Temperature.

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